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- Who's Protecting the Working Women?
- Food and Fertiliser subsidies Major drag on farm sector growth - By S.D. Naik
- The poor do not have access to resources. Whose world is it ? - By Mari Marcel Thekaekara
- Beware, the term 'sustainable development' has been hijacked - By Sadruddin Aga Khan
- HIV Impact on HIV- Care and Prevention: An Indian NGO's Seamless Approach
- The state of justice



India ranks 87th in UN’s e-readiness index ...more

Mini hydel project electrifies village in Maharashtra ...more


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Most social evils originate from the ignorance and violation of basic human rights. Even though all the social organisations are striving to bring more justice to the underpriviledged, the latter remain the most exploited in society. Any form of progress cannot happen unless these people can lead their lives with dignity. The environmental issues also call for more recognition of the rights of each and everybody. At the core of the Advocacy issues lies the struggle for 'Liberty, Equality and Universal brotherhood' which can succeed only if people's awareness of their rights exists.

 Human Rights
  - Center for Human Rights & Law
  - National Human Rights Comm. (India)
 Women Right
  - Center for Feminist Legal Research
  - Inter. Women's Rights Action Watch
 Child Rights
  - Concerned for Working Children[CWC]
  - United Nations Inter. Children's Fund
  - Internet Resources for Special Children

Consumer Rights
  - All India Consumer Education Society
  - Consumer Action And Network Society
  - Consumer Education and Research Centre
  - Centre For Civil Society 
  - Grass Roots Action for Social Parti
  - Comm. for People's Rights Dev.

  - Association of Youth for A Better India

  - Praja
  - Oxfam

 Advocacy Documents
  - National Center For Advocacy Studies
  - Consumer Unity & Trust Society
  - Monitoring & Documentation Services
 Legal Issues
  - Oppurtunity Without Predujice

 Related Links
  - Environment support Group
  - Centre for Science & Environment

  - Nat. Alliance of People's Movement
  - People's Comm. on Envirnt. & Devlpt.
  - Sustainable Dev. Networking Programme

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