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  • NGOs get going as ADB releases cash

    A team of PR and NGO professionals are doing the rounds in slum areas here these days. The professionals, chosen from Kolkata and Delhi, are meant to implement the Rs 1,800 crore Asian Development Bank loan for modernisation of the city’s drainage and waste disposal scheme as well to improve living conditions in slums.

    After approving Rs 1,800 crore in loans, ADB has started disbursing funds, Raghabendra Das, director general of KMC (project) said on Wednesday. We have started the ADB project and the first instalment of Rs 8 crore has been approved by the bank authorities. Of these Rs 2 crore has been disbursed to pay public relations, NGOs and design, supervision and construction firms,” he said.

    The PR and NGO personnel have started a campaign in Pearabagan Bustee, a large slum situated Beltala Road in the southern part of the city. As per the slum development project, KMC will ensure pure drinking water, and construct latrines, community bathing complex and arrange for proper lighting. Accordingly, slum dwellers are being trained on how to maintain these ‘assets’.

    Drainage and waste disposal modernisation will over by 2007. KMC has also been asked to upgrade its finance and accounts department to bring transparency. In fact, upgradation of the civic body accounts department was a condition set by ADB.

    10 October 2002, Kolkata, India

    Source: Times of India

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