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  • Nagaland to have apex body of NGOs

    The recently concluded seminar on "Role of NGOs in Development" at the State capital, Kohima has decided to form an apex body of NGOs under the banner "Confederation of Nagaland Development NGOs." The participants representing various NGOs took the step to facilitate communication with the Government as well as national and international bodies and also resolved to authorize the core group and officers of the apex body to do the necessary work for furthering its cause according to sources. The core group comprises 16 members - Rev Dr Pongsing, NDO (convenor), Father Chako, DAN, Father Joe, NED/HIV, Humtsoe, Bethesda, L.Meru, CASA, Father TD George, AIDA, Dili Solomon, Prodigals, Daizy Mehzur, NVHO, Ainla Lemtur, NCHDI, Dr Dingu Kenye, CBCC, Dr PSLorin, Khuhuwoto, SABAK, Tonglong, KBBB, Chingmak, Eleutherus, Imcha Wati, Mokokchung and Rev NT Murry, Wokha. The participants also unanimously resolved to urge the Government to develop a comprehensive and clear-cut policy regarding NGOs and cooperate with them for development. The seminar further appealed to the NGOs engaged in developmental activities to be honest, transparent and dedicated in implementing projects, and with funding agencies. The NGOs also urged the Government to legislate a bill on bio-diversity act and a bill on intellectual property rights.

    05 November 2002, Dimapur, India

    Source: The Assam Tribune

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