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  • Special school for HIV positive kids challenged

    A public interest writ petition challenging the State government's decision to start special schools for HIV positive children has been filed in the Kerala High Court.

    According to the AIDS Prevention Society, Kochi, the decision to start special schools will create discrimination of the students who are HIV positive. It will create groundless fear among the people.

    The Central or State government had no right to deprive a person of the enjoyment of the basic essentials, it said.

    The society, therefore, seeks to direct the State to take steps to create awareness among the students, teachers and the public regarding the infection and prevention HIV.

    The two students, who were ousted from Kaithakuzhi Government LP School on the grounds that their parents had died of AIDS, should be allowed to study in the same school, it demanded.

    Source: The Newindpress

    29 March 2003, Kochi, India

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