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  • Making the world listen to these children’s art work

    Blessed are those .... .....who understand my awkward step and clumsy hand .....who know the ways of my heart and love me as I am .....who listen, for I too have something to say

    Perhaps, these cries of five mentally challenged children resulted in the starting of the Amulya Day Centre - a vocational training centre for the mild and moderate retarded children, in June 1997. Cut to the present, the Centre has added another feather to its cap by establishing Spandana - an outlet for the products made by the mentally challenged children.

    Located on 42nd Cross Road in Jayanagar 8th Block in the City, Spandana has on in its display racks over 30 products like candles, shopping bags, door mats, pillow covers, files, hair bands, pouches, telephone mats, home products, food products, handicrafts, tailoring, screen printing and needle works, all made by the children at the Centre. In fact, all the creative inputs including design and art work are made by the students themselves.

    A project of Amulya Trust, the Centre has grown in strength and has become a sheltered workshop where the children learn and earn. At present, there are 28 students, both boys and girls in the age group of 16 to 32 years. Speaking to Deccan Herald here, Centre’s Secretary S Suresh said: “We aim to provide an appropriate school for vocational training and work opportunities to the mentally challenged to help them to live as independent and productive citizens.” For details about the Centre and for making contributions, contact the Amulya Day Centre at 355, 42nd Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560082 or call: 080 - 6548309 or e-mail:

    22 August 2002, Bangalore, India

    Source: The Deccan Herald

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