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Job ADs for Social Sector and NGO sector can be searched here
(You can visit www.clickIndia.com to find ADs posted for Jobs in Social Sector)
- Follow up, www.ClickIndia.com, zatang.2008@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 31/5/2008

Gratuity payment for private school teachers
(I would like to know if the private school teachers are entitled for gratuity payments.)
- Follow up, Confidential, rajendragambhir@hotmail.com,   Posting Date: 25/5/2008

Your organization MIGHT qualify for CRM license donation...
(Are you at a registered charitable organization? Are you looking for an IT solution to help you manage donors and donation but hesitating about the cost of it? Please vist our website and see if your organization is qualified for our license donation criteria - and apply! http://www.salesforcefoundation.org/product)
- Follow up, salesforce.com - check out our charitable foundation!, hclin@salesforce.com,   Posting Date: 25/2/2008

Professional networking job portal for screened employee referrals
(Join as a Referrer on www.kortle.com)
- Follow up, Kortle Infotech, shweta@kortle.com,   Posting Date: 20/12/2007

Adivasis, information..?
(I'm currently a french graduate student, and hardly will i finish my exams when I'm leaving for another world... I'm preparing to carry out a study this summer on a trip to Northern India, in July and August. My study focuses on the Adivasis, the trials populations. All of my trip will be built on the study and my itinerary will depend on the populations that I will meet. I got information by the Internet and books, but I particularly want to have information from people having already visited these areas. it is always preferable. So I'm looking for any good information about locations, addresses, contacts or simply about tribes... It will be necessary. Even though the ares are remote, on the contrary, it is even more interesting ! So I would accept any kind of help. One aspect of the study will focus on associations serving Adivasis. It concerns development, the environment, education... After the trip, I would have opportunities to present my study. According to my first expectations, I would go to Jharkland and to Sikkim (there are some there too !). I just have to determine my 2 or 3stops during the journey... and for that, I need your help ! Thanks in advance to anyone who will give me a hand. Nicolas, France)
- Follow up, Nicolas, nicolas.daprigny@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 18/12/2007

Information regarding institutes providing courses on research methodology
(I am looking for a course on research methodology in social sciences. Kindly share the names of the institutes providing such courses. Thank you.)
- Follow up, Saurabh Chauhan, kannauj@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 6/12/2007

New Social Community for India
(Check out the New Social Community for India www.MyIndiaFriend.com)
- Follow up, MyIndiaFriend, myindiafriend@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 24/11/2007

want to develop an educational, technical & creative training institute
(We are The Lok Vidhyalaya, V.V.Education Trust working at Valukad village in Palitana Taluka - Bhavnagar District - Gujarat since 1963. We are working on the Gandhian Thoughts as uttar buniyadi school and ptc collage. we have also workshop where some artison work is being. We are also working for rural development. But now we found a lake of educational institutes arround 100 villages in our covering area. Where only the various training can give them good self employment which will be the best way of rural development in this area. so we find that is there any supporting or funding agency for helping us to achieve this goal and shine the india.)
- Follow up, Lok Vidhyalaya, V.V. Education Trust - Valukad, vvkm_valukad@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 23/8/2007

Happy Independence Day
(Hi members. Can we do something for the people who are still not getting the fruits of independence even after 60 years of our independence. Lets join hands to work for such underprivileged lot to enable them to lead a dignified life. Happy Independence Day.)
- Follow up, Free lancer., kannauj@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 14/8/2007

Share pretty Sleek Videos and Products
(Prettysleek.com is a place where you can share “anything that you think is pretty sleek” in your daily normal life just not with your friends but with whole world.)
- Follow up, prettysleek, ramakrishna.gudipudi@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 13/8/2007

Workshop on Make a Difference in sustainable agricultrual development (MAD in SAD)
(Make a Difference in Sustainable Agricultural Development)
- Follow up, Responsenet, rosaline.osana@responsenet,   Posting Date: 20/6/2007

Great Demand For IT Professionals.
(There is a great demand for IT Professionals across India and Abroad.)
- Follow up, http://www.integerblr.com/, avularamesh4u@yahoo.co.in,   Posting Date: 19/6/2007

Job Needed in the rural development sector
(I need a job in the social sector. Child rights/welfare and rural development are the priority areas. Kindly assist me. Thank You.)
- Follow up, Saurabh Chauhan, kannauj@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 16/6/2007

Job needed
(I need a job in the social sector. Child rights/welfare and rural development are the priority areas. Kindly assist me. Thank You.)
- Follow up, Presently not working, kannauj@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 11/6/2007

child adoption
(Now a days adption behaviuor has becom femilier, but the procedure regarding adoption is quit tough, ad also the changes on pre adoptive behaviour and post adoptive behaviour of perspective adoptive parentsyet to stuy. So please give me an idea to do reearch on aadoption.)
- Follow up, A.A.M.M.Raja, The Nest-SRRC, raj_kodai@yahoo.co.in,   Posting Date: 30/5/2007

I want to work for eradication of child labour
((I want to work for eradication of child labour. Kindly provide me the details of organisations or peoples working for the same. Thank You. 09415472650)
- Follow up, Presently not working, kannauj@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 19/5/2007

India Development Gateway (IDG), an Intellecap initiative, launches the BiD Challenge India 2007
(India Development Gateway (IDG), an Intellecap initiative, launches the BiD Challenge India 2007. The Challenge offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and execute business plans for profit and poverty reduction in India. Submit your 3 page plan and receive professional feedback, get a personal business coach, win prize money (total of INR 20 lakh) and/or expose yourself to local and international investors, partners and financiers. Last date for entries is May 31, 2007.)
- Follow up, Intellecap, rashmi.intellecap@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 16/5/2007

IDG BiD Challenge 2007
(Greetings from BiD Network Foundation and India Development Gateway (IDG)!)
- Follow up, BiD Network Foundation and India Development Gateway (IDG), rashmi.intellecap@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 16/5/2007

Serching for do Road Show with Us for Heart Petatient
(We doing Chairty Programme for poor People . Road Show with Musical Songs and collect from people and Operate the Heart patent if you r redy to come with us pls mail me or contact me. 91-9827073839 Ajay)
- Follow up, Zen Little Wonders, ajysir@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 13/5/2007

I want to work for eradication of child labour
(I want to work for eradication of child labour. Kindly provide me the details of organisations or peoples working for the same. Thank You. 09228464448)
- Follow up, Saurabh Chauhan, kannauj@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 8/3/2007

Searching a committed group working for eradication of child labour
(I am working in Kutch district on the issues of local self governance in rural areas but my orientation is towards deprived children and elderly people and want to associate with a group involved in such interventions. I have done my doctorate in Public Administration and also Post Graduate diploma in rural development. Though I dont have any special qualification or the experience on the issue of child labour I am keenly interested in the field. I am looking forward to favourable responses from you. Thank You.)
- Follow up, Saurabh Chauhan, kannauj@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 25/2/2007

Funding for Balwadis in Slums
(Harbour Society is an organisation working for the rights of underpriveleged children since 1988. We have started Balwadis(non-formal Pre-primary education) in 5 slums in and around Pune. We are looking for donors who wuold like to lend their hand to enable slum children to have a better future. Harbour Society is a Registered Trust and Society. ANy donation qualifies for tax exemption under Section 80G. We also have FCRA.)
- Follow up, Harbour Society, ruthrato@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 8/2/2007

Use your knowledge to tutor online
(Earn extra money being a tutor on BrainyYack.com. Our network of students are waiting for your help. You can help our students with a variety of homework questions from subjects like Math, History, Science, Accounting and many more.)
- Follow up, BrainyYack.com, crodrigues@brainyyack.com,   Posting Date: 23/12/2006

God Centred Philosophy
- Follow up, Ananda Marga Pracaraka Smagha, dadanaciketa@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 14/11/2006

Eradication of Child Labour, Identification of Sex Workers and Counselling for HIV/AIDS
(As we are registered our NGO Karuna Community HealthDevelopment Organisation and with the banner of IMLT registered with Govt of A.P, South India, We are working for past 2 yrs in Warangal District in Tribal aress on HIV/AIDS conducted several progarms for school children and sex workers. Now past 6 months we are trying toconduct programs in child labour and in Mandal Levels as well as district levels but we are simply depending on our donations which we will colect from close friends who are interested to help the poor. If there is any chancekindly help us to uplift the poor by eradicating the child labour and counselling programs for tribal and adivasi peop[le and HIV/AIDS,)
- Follow up, Karuna Community Health Organisation. A division of IMLt registered with Govt of A.P, dr_pcrao28@yahoo.co.in,   Posting Date: 29/10/2006

Need support for our children home to meet the needs, we are taking care of HIV/AIDS affected family children.
(Its a registered charitable trust, we have 80G(5)(VI), 12AA and FCRA , we are taking care of HIV/AIDS affected family children, as on today we have 30 children in our Home, we give them free education, food, accomadation and clothing, we are in rented building we pay Rs.4000/ as rent every month, we dont have any support from any organaisations, we collect funds from local people and do the work, we need Rs. 400/ for one child per month , can any one help, if we have support for monthly rent we can take few more children, our institution name is ARAVANAIKKUM KARANGAL,Its in Salem, Tamilnadu, contact, number-09362122311,0427-2332583, please do help this children, the place where we work is heavily affected by HIV/AIDS. and near by city Namkkal also heavily affected by HIV/AIDS, please do help this project. E-mail;aravanaikkum@yahoo.co.in)
- Follow up, Aravanaikkum Karangal( It means Hands of Comfort), aravanaikkum@yahoo.co.in,   Posting Date: 27/10/2006

Needed: One rupee a day to support the education of underprivileged children
(Anouradha Bakshi is trying her best to educate slum children, which to my mind is a great way of solving India's problems, once educated, these children will become a solution in themselves. If she gets a rupee a day from 4000 people, she says she is able to take her project further.To donate: check this link:http://www.projectwhy.org/justonerupee.htm. To know more about her and her organisation, go to: http://projectwhy.org, http://projectwhy.blogspot.com)
- Follow up, Damyanti for Projectwhy, damyanti.ghosh@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 18/9/2006

Funding for Poor Students
(Is there any provision for getting funding for poor students who presently doing professional graduation. We alumnis forming a fund for this. Can we get a helping hand)
- Follow up, Anilkumar, anilka@eircom.net,   Posting Date: 30/8/2006

Win a cool book on the stock market by answering our web survey
(Valuenotes' survey on broking needs of investors)
- Follow up, Valuenotes, arpita@valuenotes.com,   Posting Date: 24/8/2006

Foreign funds request to help the disaster affected children of Kutch district.
(Bhanushali Sarvajanik Trust is a registered charitable trust ,which enjoys tax exemptions under 80- G of IT act 1961 and is eligible to receive foreign contribution under the FCRA. The organization is working in the Kutch district of Gujarat state to help the disaster affected children of the Kutch district from time to time either from continious droughts or earthquake. These children of rural area are deprived of school rooms, sanitation facility, drinking water, electricity etc..., these children require a helping hand to take them to the track of development. The organization is working in colloboration with the government in this area, but the government too has its financial constraints, so we request the people around the whole world to provide help to these children of the desert. Can you provide your helping hand in any manner?)
- Follow up, Dimple, bonnedimple@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 27/4/2006

Foreign funding
(Sources and how to get foreign funding for child related programme)
- Follow up, SUPRAVA PANCHASHILA MAHILA UDDYOG SAMITY, spmus@hotmail.com,   Posting Date: 28/3/2006

French student want to enter in English medium for higher studies.
- Follow up, Jiya, mcmelan_jiya@yahoo.fr,   Posting Date: 19/3/2006

funding request to help the poor students
(Grace Peter Charitable Trust is a Registered Charity working for empowerment of poor and marginalised communities in Madurai West Block of Madurai district in South India. As a part of it's development agenda, this Trust is supporting marginalized communities to enroll their children in schools by providing necessary schooling kits containing note books,uniforms and shoes. As usual, for the Acadamic year 2006-07, we have set a target of supporting 500 children and requires funding/ material support from donors. We are permitted to receive foreign contributions vide FCRA and enjoy Tax exemption status under 80-G of IT Act-1961.)
- Follow up, Grace Peter Charitable Trust, mr_srv@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 21/1/2006

Is poverty root cause of corruption in India?
(If one goes by number, rich people are more corrupt. Poverty may be a cause for corruption but it is insignificant.)
- Follow up, www.betterlife4all.com, suresh@betterlife4all.com,   Posting Date: 22/10/2005

compendium of funding schemes for voluntary sector
(Interface, Bhubaneswar in addition to it's land mark publication "Compendium(hand book) of funding Schemes for Volountary Sector has recently brought out Individual Hand Books on Grant Proposals covering the following topics 1. Age Care and Social Defense 2. Animal Care 3. Arts, Crafts, Culture and Archives, 4. Agriculture, Bio-technology and Food processing 5. Child Care 6. Church Planting 7. Religion and Culture 8. Disaster Preparedness and Rehabilitation 9. Disabled empowerment including rehabilitation of mentally retarded 10. Environment, carbon trading and Social Forestry 11. Gender Justice, Adoloscents and Women issues 12. Health, Family Welfare including TB, Malaria, Genetic Disorders and RCH, 14. HIV and AIDS 15. Human Rights, Legal Literacy and Consumer Affairs 16. Income Generation and Micro finance 17.Information and Commuinication Technology 18,.Medicinal plants and Non Timber Minor Forest Produce 19. Minorities, Minor language and Linguistic Development 20. Non Conventional Energy 21. National Integration, adventure and sports 22.Population issues 23.Social Rehabilitation (institutional schemes for setting up rehabilitation centres for Street children, beggers, leper homes, halfway homes for released offenders, Persons living with HIV/AIDS, Drop-in Shelters etc 24.Rural Development including Rural Industrialisations 25. Science and Society 26. Tribal Empowerment 27. Water shed and Water related Activities 28. Women Empowerment. Each of the above cited Hand Books contains 12 latest Comprehensive Project proposals conversant to the International standards along with the Guidelines of the respective funding agencies, Application Procedure, Contact Information, Website etc,. Additionally, each hand book contains a list and addresses of 70 -100 active National and International Funding Agencies extending issue based funding support. The Print copy of each Hand book is priced at Rs.500 and the same is available on CD for a price of Rs.350 (inclusive of Courier/mailing and handling charges). Intending NGOs or Non Profit Organizations may send either DD, Money Order or Intercity Cheque issued by ICICI BANK/IDBI BANK/ UTI BANK/ HDFC BANK/ CITI BANK/ Punjab National Bank, drawn in favour of "INTERFACE" payable at 'BHUBANESWAR" and courier or mail it to Mr.V.J.Rao, Interface, Plot No.38, P.C.Samantray Building, Chintamaniswar, Budheswari Colony Post, Bhubaneswar-751 006, Orissa, India, Email: interfacein@gmail.com. We will coureir/mail Your indenture within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of Your payment.)
- Follow up, INTERFACE, interfacein@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 8/10/2005

Bhagvad Gita
(Management in Bhagavad gita)
- Follow up, Sree, bhattathiry@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 26/9/2005

it's not easy
(I am brother of Dr. Gautam Bhattacharya who has been worked with differenet voluntary organisation since 1992 , the person who has done his doctorate in enviornemnt and regional planning and his focus area was watershed management . His career got a blow when he found himself in the hand of a tumour in his brain . He has been operated twice and now undergoing under radiotherapy . He is recovering fast but his confidence level is loosing day by day as he want to return back to his career but he is not getting the right thing or he is not in aposition to get the same .)
- Follow up, Dibbendu, dbendu@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 13/9/2005

sexual harrasement among women in India
- Follow up, Association of Social Medicine Research, shivhealth81@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 27/8/2005

support services to ngos
(INTERFACE, a Training and development organization engaged in extending techno-managerial consultancy to industry and Civil Society for the last 15 years has recently brought out a compendium (Hand Book) of NGO Schemes which contain 204 choices schemes covering a wide array of themes concerning Age care,Animal care, archives, arts and crafts, agriculture, Bio-technology, child care, culture, consumer affairs, church planting, disabled welfare and rehabilitation, drug abuse, disaster preparedness and rehabilitation, entrepreneurship development, environmental care, eudcatioon(both formal and non formal),gender issues, health and family welfare, human rights, housing and infrastructure development, income generation, ICTs, legal literacy, linguistics and minor language development, minorities, medicinal plants, non timber forest produce, non conventional energy, national integration, population issues, relief and rehabiliation, religious issues, rural development, rural infrastructure and rural grain godowns, social forestry, sanitation, science and technology, tribal empowerment, visual,creative and performing arts, women empowerment, water and youth affairs. This Hand book besides containing details of the choicest schemes which are currently inforce, contains the list,addresses and email ids of active national and international funding agencies. At the end, we have given a few model project proposals for the guidance of Civil Society. This Voluminous Hand Book, containing upto date and valuable information is highly subsidized keeping the voluntary sector in mind. Copies of the hand book can be had against the payment of INR: 500 (Rupees five hundred only) payable either by Money order or Demand Draft favouring "INTERFACE" payble at BHUBANESWAR. Please mail the orders to Mr.Venkat Rao, Interface, Plot No.38, P.C.Samantray Building, Chintamaniswar, Budheswari Colony Post, Bhubaneswar-751 006, Orissa, India or email your queries to .The Hand book will be delivered to Your address by registered parcel within 2 weeks from the date of receiving your confirmed order.)
- Follow up, interface, interface@inbox.com,   Posting Date: 6/6/2005

ngo support services
(Compendium (Hand Book)of NGO schemes)
- Follow up, Interface, interfacein@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 6/6/2005

Dealing With Cricital Malnutrition amongst Adivasi Children.
(We are a fledgling charitable organisation with a mission to reach the deprived and underprevileged in allievating some of the problems faced by them in day-to-day matters and better their quality of life. Our primary focus is to deal with the critical issue of malnutrition amongst the majority of Adivasi and Tribal children. We distribute a nutritious health mix food supplement "Sampoorna Poshak" containing 22 ingredients and manufactured in our own factory under strict supervision. We would be obliged if you could help us in our endeavour by highlighting this serious issue through the esteemed columns of your newsletter, website and your good offices and we hope some philantrophic and voluntary organisations and individuals will come forward and lend a helping hand.)
- Follow up, Dhana Foundation, nair@dhanafoundation.org,   Posting Date: 5/4/2005

pathetic conditions of prisoners in indian jails
(there is no internal mechanism to check the functioning of the jails today. prisoners are treated so inhumanly as though they are animals.many a times prisoners under trial also have to suffer unnecessarily.why is the supervision of the administration so poor? why are steps not taken? why is no organisation paying any attention towards them?)
- Follow up, sweta jain, jainswe@hotmail.com,   Posting Date: 14/2/2005

dalits among dalits
- Follow up, Rights education and development centre-READ, dalitsk@yahoo.co.in,   Posting Date: 26/11/2004

South Asia Essay Contest
(Hi People! The strategic Foresight Group is organizing an Essay Contest, so please look up strategicforesight.com for furthur information)
- Follow up, sSrategic Foresight Group, sonyaf@strategicforesight.com,   Posting Date: 28/10/2004

South Essay Essay Contest
- Follow up, Strategic foresight, sonyaf@strategicforesight.com,   Posting Date: 28/10/2004

- Follow up, EDII, rahul1252@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 23/9/2004

illegal construction by builders
(In Ambarnath a builder/developer goes around developing complexes and at the last stage he goes ahead and constructs an extra building in the space meant for r/g i.e recreation and garden. upon our protest the municipal council stopped the work. Now he has chosen a new site in the complex and has all the support from the municipal authorities. No rules sre followed, no fsi no dc rule nothing can stop this gang of corrupt thieves. What do I do? Where to approach)
- Follow up, Help Stop Illegal costruction, royrozario@indiatimes.com,   Posting Date: 28/5/2004

fossilised judiciary
- Follow up, govt. of india, baristapvr@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 26/1/2004

NGO's working on corruption issues
(Hi, we are doing a news story on the corruption in tenders, procurement etc. in the national highways project. I urgently need to get in touch with NGO's who might have data on corruption in public works projects like the golden quadrilateral (national highways project). if there are any such NGO's (especially in Delhi) please get in touch with me at laalitlobo@hotmail.com)
- Follow up, Laalit Lobo, Correspondent, CNBC-TV18, laalitlobo@hotmail.com,   Posting Date: 22/12/2003

Appeal for help to help the HIV/AIDS affected Children in India
(Child Relief Integrated Social Action, is a Non-Governmental, Non-profit, Child Welfare Organization registered with the Government of Andhra Pradesh under the Societies Act and operating since 1997. It was established with the sole aim to bring hope and happiness into the lives of the underprivileged children of India. we are working for these Children on Health and Education in the under-developed rural and Urban areas of Andhra Pradesh. Thousands of children in India live in extreme poverty and poor health condition and are under-privileged . A large number of children are found on the City streets, finding other means to survive. Deaths of parents, severe illnesses, acute poverty, abuses etc., are some of the factors that force these unfortunate children on to the streets, where they are forced to work, and get exploited, maltreated, and abused. They are trying so hard to survive by begging, picking rags, shoe shining, and whatever menial jobs they can find. Many a times gangs implement and exploit them in these operations doe their own benefit coupled with this misfortune, they have to support their parents too, and with these miseries, their little minds devoid to achieve big but reasonable and realistic Dream for a better tomorrow. We, at CRISA, have a great burden for these underprivileged children. Our goal is to provide a home for these deprived children, where they will get reasonable nutrition, clothing, and education. Our programs are structured to nurture them towards a "WHOLE" child, by promoting a balance of social, physical, mental, and spiritual inputs and achieve growth in their mental faculties, which helps them to achieve his/her full potentialWe are in the process to take up these pending projects immediately one by one . The top priority one is CARE AND SUPPORT HOME (CASH) for the HIV- effected children and their parents by protecting their human rights including right to access health care system, right to education, employment and privacy, and to prevent women and children and other socially vulnerable groups from getting infected. Improving the health education, legal status and economic prospects. Creating awareness on Gender, Human rights, HIV testing, Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Condom promotion, and Counseling. The other Project is CHILD REHABILATION PROJECT (CRP) which provides Education, food, shelter, clothing, and health to the working children, Street Children & Orphan Children. Though our Aim and Mission may be a drop in an Ocean, and with achieve support of kind hearted people with full of humane touch, we are for sure to fulfill our Mission and its goals, we seek the financial assistance and support, and looking forward for Individual donors, donor Agencies and Charity Organizations, who could extend their helping hands for these ill-fated and under-privileged children to bring smiles on their faces towards brightening their lives.)
- Follow up, CRISA, crisa_3@yahoo.co.in,   Posting Date: 10/10/2003

Marriage Certificate
(How to Get Marriage Certificate Issued from India while staying abroad)
- Follow up, Ozzie, oozie04@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 14/9/2003

dependent visa
((USA - L2 visa)Is it mandatory for the main applicant to be present at the consulate or is it sufficient if the dependent applicant with all relevant documents can be at the consulate?)
- Follow up, Sachin P, sachinpvrao@netscape.net,   Posting Date: 25/8/2003

marriage with non Indian
(Does anybody know what we have to do to get married in India. Male is Indian and female is from Europe. Where and how we register? What documents we need ect. Please help us)
- Follow up, , scarlettq@home.nl,   Posting Date: 22/12/2002

Crimes Committed by Indian Police.
(Some of the worst human rights violations in India are committed by the police. Harrassing and fleecing money from people is part of their routine daily work. As a person who lived in India for 30 years, I know all this first hand.)
- Follow up, NRI, venthanbosco@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 5/11/2002

(What can i do?)
- Follow up, Jennika, jenny@luukku.com,   Posting Date: 27/10/2002

(will english medium education be helpful in devlopment of the country.)
- Follow up, arjun singh, realguy007@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 19/10/2002

Caverta Distributions: business proposal shipping Caverta/Edegra/Androz
(This message has been sent from a public library)
- Follow up, caverta distributions, caverta@hotmail.com,   Posting Date: 16/10/2002

Can I get the marriage certificate staying in UK?
(My company has processed work permit for me in UK.i have been staying in UK for the past two months.Now i need to get my wife here as a dependant.For this , my wife needs to submit the marriage certificate at the UK embassyAt the time of marriage, we have not processed the marriage certificate.Now , in my absence in India, can my wife get the marriage certificate from the Registrar of marriages?In that case, what proof she needs to show at the Registrar's office for the same?)
- Follow up, Sunil Kumar G, sunil_kumar94@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 16/7/2002

Are you from Patkar College (Mumbai)
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/patkarcollege/ to join)
- Follow up, Patkar College, chweetas@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 12/6/2002

Bhagavad Gita
(The Bhaktivedanta Ashram has launched a new website providing translations and commentaries to the Bhagavad Gita, as well as audio and visual presentations. You can read the entire Bhagavad Gita online, and listen to the ancient sanskrit chants of Bhagavad Gita, sung in classical melodies by noted devotional singer Sri Vidyabhushana. http://www.bhagavad-gita.us)
- Follow up, , radhamadhava2@rediffmail.com,   Posting Date: 7/6/2002

Cant there be a union of educated and intellectual people
(Dear friends I was wondering about the recent incedents of Gujarat. I talked with people and tried to get there opinion about the political and social crisis Indian society is griped in. I found mostly people believe its the political leadership thats tearing the social fabric. Next thought came to me was who gave them right to do so? I found that its people of India who are responsible. Cause we only vote for them. Then further I realised that during elections the majority voters are from weeler sections of society and so called intellectuals are rarely active. It promted me to do something about it. I thought and decided cant there be a group of intellectuals across the nation to adress the issue? Next issue was how? I got the reply in the web. We can form a group through web , we can use e-mails for networking. It will be a cheap media to share views over social issues as well as without any expense. We can get in contact through mail, discuss over issues and generate vision and adress issues. We can bring in as many people as we want and are interested. The day will come when we will have thousands of intellectuals in contact then we will have power to change the face of the nation.)
- Follow up, Shailesh Chandel, shailesh@ahmedabad.net,   Posting Date: 2/5/2002

(Greed has deeply penetrated in our society that greed of money is dream, money is power, money is luxury and money is fame. Power of money is so intense that to achieve comfortable objective need help of money power)
- Follow up, sadashivan, global@del2.vsnl.net.in,   Posting Date: 19/4/2002

(we need the details of various NGO'S working in Kutch towards Rehabilitation.)
- Follow up, SANGHARSH, tradewithindia@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 14/3/2002

Hinduism--The True Cultute of India
(Namasthe..After the cold, cruel massacre at New York, on 9-11, I have come to the firm conclusion that India and Hinduism has a lot to offer during this trouble times and all of us should be very proud of mother culture-religion Hinduism. At the same time, there is a lot of false propaganda against Hinduism in this country and as such it is our duty to eradicate false hood and educate masses about Hindu culture. Apathy on our part will only make our lives over here miserable. My name is Ed Viswanathan and I am an engineer and author of an international best seller on Hinduism by name AM I A HINDU?[ISBN 1-879904-06-3 HALO BOOKS, USA and RUPA PRESS in India, which has sold many copies around the globe....For the last so many years, I have sent many complimentary copies of my book at random to Indian students studying in western universities. At least 4 universities in USA alone are using this book as a medium of instruction in Hinduism. This book is one of a kind with 90 chapters and hundreds of questions and answers. It is in the form of thought provoking dialogue between 14 year old American born Indian teenager and his middle aged father on all aspects of Hinduism. Almost all the papers and magazines in India have written excellent reviews on this book. In USA many magazines [LIBRARY JOURNAL, BOOKLIST etc] have recommended this book for all libraries . To help every one, especially students understand every aspect of Hinduism, I have set up a web page with many educational flow charts. Kindly visit my web page http://www.amiahindu.com http://www.udupipages.com/book/hindhu.html)
- Follow up, Ed Viswanathan, edvis9@hotmail.com,   Posting Date: 24/1/2002

Distribution of things to poors
(Should someone distribute thngs like money, blankets, cloths to poor people?)
- Follow up, Manav Shakti, manavshakti@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 2/1/2002

marriage validity
(I have recently discovered that my marriage certificate is which me & my husband got 5 years back from Delhi court. My husband played a trick with me,he purposely did it. Our marriage application( intented marriage) is there in the court but no marriage certificate issued against that record. We got married in court as our parents were not agreed. He arranged for everything in Delhi as i was not residing over there. For few days we stayed in Delhi & then his parents took him back to his place & he got married there again. He kept on meeting off & on & always assured me that i am his leagle wife & as soon the things are ok at his place he will accept me openly.But recently i very strongly told him to accept me socialy otherwise i will take legal action . Then he disclosed me that i cant do anything against him as there is no certificate issued from the court & he is can not continue this relation. I have lost everything & dont know what can be done against it as he is got high political links.)
- Follow up, tani, tanya1008@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 29/12/2001

(A concern of child labour exists from poverty. We have to understand as why children go to work. If parents don't send their children to work I am sure factories will not be able to consume them. Why poor parents feel children as their assets who will earn money for their home? http://members.tripod.com/~sadashivan_nair/childlabourandsociety/index.html)
- Follow up, sadashivan, globalservices@vsnl.com,   Posting Date: 21/10/2001

Freedom is meaningless without bread
(I would like a 500 word discussion regarding how freedom is meaningless without food/bread in the general context and Indian context in particular.)
- Follow up, Gulzar Wangde, gulzar_wangde@hotmail.com,   Posting Date: 13/9/2001

poverty A SUBJECT
(Nearly 60% poor live in our human world. This growth of poverty level is)
- Follow up, sadashivan, global@del2.vsnl.net.in,   Posting Date: 26/6/2001

Is poverty root cause of crrouption in India
- Follow up, arvind singh, arvind.singh@usa.net,   Posting Date: 1/7/2000

Should there be more accountability by NGO's for their Financial matters?
(Should there be complete auditing of the performance of NGOs ?)
- Follow up, Irshad, irshad76@yahoo.com,   Posting Date: 9/6/2000

Will India be a super Power in near future in IT Field?
(Please shaere your view to get this information for our IT industry.)
- Follow up, Fisrt Link India , info@firstlinkindia.com,   Posting Date: 6/7/2000

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