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Topic : compendium of funding schemes for voluntary sector
(Interface, Bhubaneswar in addition to it's land mark publication "Compendium(hand book) of funding Schemes for Volountary Sector has recently brought out Individual Hand Books on Grant Proposals covering the following topics 1. Age Care and Social Defense 2. Animal Care 3. Arts, Crafts, Culture and Archives, 4. Agriculture, Bio-technology and Food processing 5. Child Care 6. Church Planting 7. Religion and Culture 8. Disaster Preparedness and Rehabilitation 9. Disabled empowerment including rehabilitation of mentally retarded 10. Environment, carbon trading and Social Forestry 11. Gender Justice, Adoloscents and Women issues 12. Health, Family Welfare including TB, Malaria, Genetic Disorders and RCH, 14. HIV and AIDS 15. Human Rights, Legal Literacy and Consumer Affairs 16. Income Generation and Micro finance 17.Information and Commuinication Technology 18,.Medicinal plants and Non Timber Minor Forest Produce 19. Minorities, Minor language and Linguistic Development 20. Non Conventional Energy 21. National Integration, adventure and sports 22.Population issues 23.Social Rehabilitation (institutional schemes for setting up rehabilitation centres for Street children, beggers, leper homes, halfway homes for released offenders, Persons living with HIV/AIDS, Drop-in Shelters etc 24.Rural Development including Rural Industrialisations 25. Science and Society 26. Tribal Empowerment 27. Water shed and Water related Activities 28. Women Empowerment. Each of the above cited Hand Books contains 12 latest Comprehensive Project proposals conversant to the International standards along with the Guidelines of the respective funding agencies, Application Procedure, Contact Information, Website etc,. Additionally, each hand book contains a list and addresses of 70 -100 active National and International Funding Agencies extending issue based funding support. The Print copy of each Hand book is priced at Rs.500 and the same is available on CD for a price of Rs.350 (inclusive of Courier/mailing and handling charges). Intending NGOs or Non Profit Organizations may send either DD, Money Order or Intercity Cheque issued by ICICI BANK/IDBI BANK/ UTI BANK/ HDFC BANK/ CITI BANK/ Punjab National Bank, drawn in favour of "INTERFACE" payable at 'BHUBANESWAR" and courier or mail it to Mr.V.J.Rao, Interface, Plot No.38, P.C.Samantray Building, Chintamaniswar, Budheswari Colony Post, Bhubaneswar-751 006, Orissa, India, Email: interfacein@gmail.com. We will coureir/mail Your indenture within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of Your payment.)
- Follow up,, INTERFACE, interfacein@gmail.com,   Posting Date: 8/10/2005

Followup List
  • it was informative and splendid
    - chitaranjan nag, student of MSW in Pune university, chitaranjan_nag@yahoo.com, Follow up Date: 11/12/2005
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