People Institute for Development & Training (PIDT)
  1. through Sanghati Vipani, or collective marketting of handicrafts , handlooms, organic produce etc. 
  2. through the International Association of  Volunteer Effort ( IAVE) , ICEA , CIVICUS etc. 
  3. through  it's mailing list 
  4. through memberships in other  networks and now through the internet ! 

Possible Areas of  our co-operation 
Research : 
  • Collaboration with research scholars in  sharing  our experiential understandings of grassroots development and social change over the last two decades. 
  • Provision of resource persons for participatory research studies, workshops, conferences etc. 
  • Conducting  studies and surveys on particular topics 
Training :                                                           
  • Imparting training on issues relating to participation , environment, women's studies, craft development, low cost habitat, cultural regeneration, savings and credit, volunteering , etc. 
  • hosting  training  programmes, workshops, seminars and Conferences 
  • Preparation of  training materials 
  • Provision of volunteers for a justified cause 
  • Carry out voluntary activity for a relevant cause 
  • Set up volunteer centres . 
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