People Institute for Development & Training (PIDT)
An Ambulance cum Mobile Clinic 

    An  rundown jeep of PIDT is continuously in  use,  to carry critical patients from the interior villages to the nearest hospital or  doctor. These are often critical delivery cases which pose a risk to both  the mother and the baby.  An nominal charge for the diesel consumed is levied. The poverty is so dense often people apply for credit to pay the sum in several instalments. PIDT wishes to replace this ad hoc system with a proper ambulance as the patients suffer a great deal when they journey in  our 15 year old vehicle over rough roads.Any charity towards this end would help save hundreds of destitutes. 

Herbal Medicine  

    PIDT lacks support for the collection of it's bio diverse herbarium and medicine testing and preparation. Many of the medicines produced have been found to provide much relief to  patients but requires investment to produce at a larger scale. The herbal medicines produced locally help in saving the costs of treatment to the extent of US $ 30,850. at the lowest scale of operation as is at present. Support of this programme would not only help in saving the people from imminent debt traps but also help in reviving traditional knowledge and protecting our Earth's  biodiversity. 

Ethics and Morality 

    With the advancement of the technological phase of humankind's development , there is now a growing need felt all over the globe for the need to rethink the modern  educational curriculums and lay an emphasis on not on scentific discoveries but also of ethics and moral codes of behaviour. This is essential for the process of Peace to emerge. It is essential for the fututre of humankind. Different isolated communities have begun the task to redefine their futures.  We in PIDT are educating backward communities and tribal groups to join theh mainstream and feel an urgent need to prepare good educational material and re-examine curriculums. Any support in this direction could help thousands to children to become more responsible citizens in tommorrow's world. 

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